Podcast #54: Everything About Disney

dd-itWe’ve all heard it.  No childhood is complete without a trip to Disney.  If only it were that easy.  There’s Disneyland and Disney World.  There’s hotels and ticket and attraction options galore.  What to do?

Dads on Doody called in Ken Wiggins, Disney history and theme park aficionado, to help families everywhere make sense of the magic that is Disney.  What makes Ken qualified to provide this crucial advice?  Over 20 consecutive years Ken and his family visited Disney parks 35 times!

Ken is a student of Disney.  His opinions are based on both thoughtful research and in-the-park experience.  In this episode you’ll learn everything from the history of the parks to the best times to visit to the most delicious places to dine.

The big question, though, is whether or not Ken will be able to convince Chris that it’s time to start planning a Disney vacation for his family.  To date, Chris has fought off the requests.  Can Chris resist the magic, or is too strong for any one man to handle?  Listen in to find out, and learn about an American institution along the way.


Ken, with his family, on one of their earlier visits to Disney.


All grown up, the Wiggins family on their most recent trip.