Podcast #51: Parenting Through and Beyond Divorce

dd-itNo one goes into marriage planning for divorce, yet the divorce rate is close to 50%.  In other words, someone you care about will have to manage through the inevitable messiness that is divorce.  If kids are involved, things get even trickier.

In this episode we are joined by Dads on Doody listener Rudy Gutierrez, who was divorced soon after the birth of his daughter.  Rudy, who initiated the divorce, reflects on his experience both as a husband and a father.  Topics covered include immediate and long term challenges post divorce, how to put children before personal issues, dating after divorce, and the reality of becoming a part time parent.

This discussion will not only help those going through or considering divorce, but also friends and family as they seek to understand how best to provide support during and after the divorce.


Rudy and his daughter, enjoying time together.