Podcast #48: Take Care of Your Home, Boy

dd-itThe single largest investment most humans ever make is the purchase of their house.  Unfortunately, many of us fall short in the basic care and feeding.  None of us wants our abode to fall apart.  Typically we neither know what regular maintenance should be performed nor have the confidence to step into some of the more technical areas (like electrical).

Joe Slawter, from Triumph Home Improvement, joins us in studio to talk house.  Joe takes us on a voyage that includes what to look for when buying a home, tasks that every home owner should be able to perform, tasks that most home owners shouldn’t perform, thoughts on remodeling and what to do if you find pirates in your walls.  Your house will be happy that you listened to this episode.  You’ll be happy because you’ll save yourself time and money down the road, not to mention the endorphin rush from this entertaining and funny discussion.  Pirates?

This episode also includes feedback from Will’s kids as they work through TODAY movie expert Dave Karger’s suggestions from Family Movie Night Solved.  It turns out Pee Wee Herman was onto something.


Joe and his children, carbo loading before a day of home repair.