Podcast #46: Michael Jordan Was Breastfed

dd-it While we can neither confirm nor deny that Michael Jordan was breastfed, we do know that guys universally struggle to understand what women experience throughout pregnancy and during the early phases of child rearing. We also know, thanks to recent studies, that the men folk are more likely to pay attention if a macho celebrity or sports hero is somehow mentioned in the same breath as say, breastfeeding. Hence the title of this episode. If you’re a guy and still reading this, we just made our point.

Two uniquely qualified guests join us in studio for this lively discussion:

Mike Mackert is the Deputy Director of the University of Texas Center for Health Communication. A large component of his work focuses on developing and evaluating content designed to engage dads around prenatal health and pregnancy. Mike is also a husband and new father.

Alise Moncure is a working mom with two young girls. Alise, who refers to herself early in our discussion as the “resident vagina”, keeps us honest as we attempt to get more in touch with our feminine sides. Women listeners will love her humor and honesty. Guys who have yet to have kids will greatly benefit from her insights. Those of us who have already gone through the process will likely be left rationalizing our missteps.

In a world where gender roles continue to blur in the parenting process, this episode is incredibly valuable as we all attempt to be the best partner possible.


Alise, with her husband Nick and daughter Maddie.