Podcast #45: Parenting Ate My Fitness

dd-it News flash!  Parenting is all consuming, often consuming our physical fitness (pun intended) in the process.  Tired, stressed and strapped for time, exercise is frequently the first thing we discard.  Bad choice, and we all know it.  Fitness is the fountain of youth, and a critical component of effective parenting.  If only someone could tell us how to make it happen, and maybe provide some inspiration in the process.

Meet David Garza, the answer to your “How the heck do I do this?” prayers.  David is a ten time Ironman and regular winner of Austin’s Best Of anything related to fitness.  He wasn’t always that way.  David used to tip the scales at 300 lbs, chain smoke and binge drink.  Now the opposite of that, he inspires people to make the most out of their lives, wherever they may be in their journey to health and fitness.

This episode not only includes the details of David’s personal journey, but more importantly what he learned along the way that you can put into practice as you figure out where fitness fits into your busy life.  David, a kick ass dad and husband in his own right, fully understands that the struggle is real and that we all don’t want to train for an Ironman.

Because you’ll want more David after listening to this podcast, visit his popular Instagram page for your daily dose of inspiration.  Share your story while you’re there, and know that you inspire him too.  That’s David’s secret sauce; he’s in this with you.

If you live in Austin, or happen to find yourself in our lovely town, consider a trip to Love Cycling Studio to experience David live.  It’s as good as advertised, guaranteed, and his crazy DJ services are included in the price.



David and his prodigal son.


If strong fathers mean strong daughters, this is one tough girl!