Podcast #43: Back to School

dd-itIt’s officially back to school time.  Are you ready?  Shawn Whitehouse, a popular elementary school teacher in Austin, joins us in studio to share his wisdom with parents all across this great land.  Topics covered include strategies for preparing your children (and yourself) over the remaining few weeks of summer, how to effectively engage with your child’s new teacher out of the gate and over the course of the year, fostering an intellectually engaged home…and so much more!  This is a unique opportunity to get a view from the other side of the desk.  Back to school hasn’t been this fun since Rodney Dangerfield got involved.

This episode also features the last set of interviews with our own children (Samantha and Alayna).  Sam’s favorite food will surprise you, as will Alayna’s reaction to Will.

back to school

Shawn Whitehouse, elementary school teacher extraordinaire and back to school expert.