Podcast #42: The Sex Talk

dd-itIt’s the moment we all dread as parents.  The moment we knew was coming but tried to put out of our minds.  The moment many of our own parents let pass by, electing to have others provide our education on the facts of life.  Yes folks, it’s the sex talk.

Well guess what?  As modern parents, it’s our responsibility.  Moms and dads alike.  It’s a far more complex and media rich world today.  Choose to have the conversation on your own terms or leave your child exposed to confusion, ridicule and even psychological damage.

Amy Lang, founder of Birds+Bees+Kids, is a parenting and sexuality expert.  She has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Salon.com, Huffington Post Live, CNN Health, Parent Map Magazine, Seattle’s Child Magazine among others.  Her common sense, candid and humorous approach to the topic will leave you laughing and inspired at the same time.  You’ll come away from this episode with both confidence and a framework to have the infamous sex talk, incorporating your value system, with kids of varying ages.

Also featured in this episode is the audio for Will’s viral hit “Home Alone Dad“, just in case you needed it in your head again.

sex talk

Amy Lang, founder of Birds+Bees+Kids, and master sex talk educator.