Podcast #44: Family Movie Night Solved

dd-itDave Karger is a well-known television host, interviewer and entertainment expert.  In fact, he is THE resident movie expert on TODAY.  You may have seen him on Access Hollywood, the Oscar’s red carpet for E! or Turner Classic Movies where he hosted a weekly movie series this past July. Dave also worked and wrote for Entertainment Weekly for 17 years.  In other words, he’s qualified to help us with the task at hand.

Movies are a great way to connect with our children and to teach them valuable and lasting life lessons.  Chances are, however, the last time you sat down for family movie night it started with an argument about what to watch and ended before the credits even rolled on your unsatisfying selection.

Dave to the rescue!  In a Dads on Doody exclusive, Dave shares his 20 best family movies of all time.  If you’re expecting to see standards like The Lion King, think again.  Dave takes us outside the swim lanes with 10 movies in the G-PG range and 10 in the PG-PG13 range that are sure to make you say, “Why didn’t I think about THAT one?”

Dave’s selections are meant to be watched with your kids, so get out the spill proof cups, fire up the popcorn and settle in for a great time!  Family movie night solved.

family movie

Dave Karger, adding Dads on Doody resident movie expert to his already impressive resume.