Podcast #41: Folgers to Fresh Roasted (Part 2)

dd-itPart two of a two part series on the number one parenting tool, coffee!  If you missed episode one, listen to learn about the history of fresh roasted coffee in America.  In this episode RC Beall, one of America’s coffee pioneers, reveals the secrets to creating the perfect brew at home.  Learn from the master!

And if you really just want to know how to make mind-blowing coffee without the history (not advised!), below is the CliffsNotes from part one…

Thirty years ago, the best part of waking up was Folgers in your cup.  Today, Starbucks sets the bar as a baseline for decent coffee, and there is a growing culture that contemplates coffee the same way connoisseurs do fine wine.

RC Beall, who joins us in studio, founded Montana Coffee Traders in 1982.  What started as a means to live in an amazing part of our country led to an incredible journey across the world, not to mention a significant role in the development of an emerging industry.  To think, it all started with one bad cup of coffee.  Today, RC also operates Texas Coffee Traders in Austin.

RC takes us on his voyage from learning to roast beans to establishing one of the first fair trade coffee farming operations in the world to an off the wall venture in Moscow.  Along the way, we learn how America went from Folgers to fresh roasted, from the lips of a true pioneer.

Also joining us in studio for this discussion is coffee enthusiast Jason Morton from our Professional Fantasy Sports Dad episode.  Jason introduced us to RC, so it was only fitting to invite him back.  When you visit Texas Coffee Traders, make sure to ask for Jason’s Blend.

RC Beall

Want kick ass coffee? Visit the “Wall of Coffee” at Texas Coffee Traders in Austin for a tour with RC himself.