Podcast #36: Life is a Chore

As parents, we all know the importance of teaching our children the value of hard work. Yet how many of us have attempted to implement a chore regime, only to have it fall apart a week later in the midst of our over busy lives?  Well, your solution is here.  Homey, a chore tracking application that is fun for the whole family (yes, it turns chores into a competition), is available to download on Apple and Android devices.


Homey creator, Sanja.

Sanja, one of the co-founders of Homey, joins us via the Doody Line.  Sanja recently moved to the United States from Slovenia, where her love of chores led to a business idea that led to a technology incubator in Memphis.  Go figure.

As you might imagine, in order to develop Homey, Sanja and her team delved into the art and science of family chores.  In doing so they discovered a treasure trove of nuggets, discussed on this episode, to enable a successful and enduring chore system for families of all age ranges.  If you’ve ever wanted to get serious about chores with your family, thanks to Sanja and her team at Homey, there’s never been a better time.

Bonus content on this episode includes a discussion with Little Will (age six at the time of this recording), in a continuation of our “How are we doing as parents?” series.  Viva Italia!


Your new chore system is waiting…Homey!