Podcast #35: Understanding Autism

Dads on Doody medical expert Dr. Oddz, professionally known as Dr. James Marroquin from our Healthy Dad Basics episode, joins us again for an important discussion on autism.  Not only does Dr. James have a professional perspective on autism, but also a personal one as his son Micah is autistic.  Hear Dr. James discuss his journey with autism, from the diagnosis to therapy to family dynamics.

Autism affects 1 in 68 children, so chances are if it doesn’t affect your family, it affects a family that you know.  Depending on where a child falls on the autism spectrum, it may manifest in ways that isolate these families.  Let’s all do our part to better understand this unique condition so that those who suffer know they are welcome.

To read more about Dr. James’ relationship with Micah, read his touching blog entry I Hope and Pray My Son Will Talk Someday.

Bonus content on this episode includes an interview with Chris’ eldest son, Finley.  Finley shares his feedback on Chris’ parenting strengths and weaknesses, in addition to his love for candy volcanoes.


Dr. James and his beautiful son, Micah.