Podcast #30: We Grew Up On A Commune

Who amongst us hasn’t fantasized about living on a commune?  Free from the rat race and surrounded by loving people, passing our days tending to the land and the animals that ultimately end up on our table.  Sounds nice, no?  Communes gained popularity in America in the ’60s, many of which still exist today.  Still, most of us have never met anyone who lives or lived on one.  Your wait is over!

Sisters Sinikka and Ellu grew up on Two Rivers Farm, a commune in Oregon that is still in operation today.  They join us in studio for a fascinating discussion about “life on the farm”, which had many bright spots but also some challenges that may stray from your particular commune fantasy.  Thoughtful, intellectual and funny, the sisters (who now have children of their own) share perspectives on topics ranging from education to politics to social dynamics.  What about parenting and life lessons from the commune?  Yep, they’re in here…the good, the bad and the maybe.


Sinikka (middle) and Ellu (right), as kids, with their dad and…donkey? Regardless of your feeling on communes, this looks like an epic day.