Podcast #32: The Art of Family Air Travel. Turbulence Ahead?

Our first podcast, Roadtrips, needed a book end.  Seeing that train, boat and bus travel have fallen out of favor, we opted to release an episode on family air travel.  Now that we have you covered on the road or in the air, you’ll be all set for your next vacation.  Topics covered include packing for the plane, timing your flight, parking, security, BENADRYL, airplane etiquette and so much more.

This episode also includes an interview with Will’s eight-year-old daughter, Annie, who provides her dad with compliments and constructive criticism that might apply to your parenting as well.  Part of her feedback informed our recent blog post, Yelling At Your Kids Is An Adult Tantrum.  Ouch.

family air travel

Will this plane hit turbulence, or is smooth sailing ahead? Take our advice and it might be the latter.