Podcast #31: Father’s Day Primer

Fireman Dave, super dad of 7 kids from our popular Livin’ Large episode, joins us again in studio as we round table on what we want for Father’s Day.  In a shocking turn of events, it turns out that what we need is far less complicated than imagined.  We break down a selection of gifts curated by Amazon in their Father’s Day Handmade section, share thoughts on how we’d like to spend the day, and even attempt to innovate around new ways loved ones might enable the best Father’s Day ever.  The rocky history of Father’s Day is also covered, which lends credence to conspiracy theorists (Chris) who think Father’s Day is a second class citizen to Mother’s Day.

This show is a must listen for anyone hoping to help their husband/dad have a Father’s day that is less “ho hum” and more “HOLY SMOKES!”  Father’s Day isn’t for a month.  Plenty of time to make sure that the guy who you expect to #dothedoody day in and day out has one day that reminds him that you all notice.

father's day

Dave and one of his future Father’s Day revelers.

father's day

The other six kids with Dave’s amazing wife Jamie.