Podcast #27: Washington DC – Family Vacation Bucket List

The capitol of our great nation, Washington DC, also happens to be a great place visit with your family.  From the Smithsonian to the National Zoo to the monuments to government building tours, there is no shortage of FREE family fun.  Couple that with excellent food and ample public transportation, and you have all the ingredients to make Clark Griswold proud.

Having recently returned from a family tour of this magical city with his wife and three kids (8, 6 and 3), Will takes us through their three-day itinerary complete with lessons learned.  If you are planning a trip to DC, now or in the future, this show is essential listening.  If you aren’t planning to visit DC, chances are you’ll want to after this episode.  God bless America!

Washington DC

Will and his kids taking a break at the Jefferson Memorial.