Podcast #24: Remember Me? Single, Sans Kids, Super.

Remember when your friends started getting married and having kids, long before you were even in a serious relationship?  Or maybe you’re in a committed relationship and have decided not to have kids, while everyone in your peer set carries on like rabbits, popping out one after the next.  You used to meet up every Sunday for brunch, now all you get is “let me check with the wife/husband” or “we’ve got swim lessons then for junior”.

Adam is a smart, funny and successful person.  He’s had careers in sports, entertainment and business that most people would kill for.  Hardly shy, at the age of 40 he’s single and living an incredibly full existence.  Life is about tradeoffs.  There is not a parent out there who hasn’t wondered, at least for a moment, “What would it be like if I lived in a cool apartment in downtown INSERT COOL CITY, traveled when I wanted to travel, slept when I wanted to sleep, etc.?”  We have a candid discussion with Adam on this topic, and in the process gain a deeper understanding for each others reality.

Side note, if you were the first person amongst your friends to get married and have kids, and went missing like Amelia Earhart, there’s a lot in this show for you.  Unlike Amelia, you have a chance to come home.

Bonus features include Adam leading us through improv games that you can use the next time your rug rats need to be entertained (or simply brought back to life).  Try them out at home to trick your kids that you are still cool.

Adam, at the finish of a marathon. Single, sans kids and super.

Adam, at the finish of a marathon. Single, sans kids and super.