Podcast #22: Professional Fantasy Sports Dad

Professional fantasy sports dad Jason Morton plays fantasy sports for a living (football and NASCAR).  He lives to be a dad.  If this sounds like a fantasy, it isn’t.

Enough of the wordplay.  If you’ve ever wondered about how to turn your obsession with fantasy sports into a full time career, listen to this show and decide if you have the chops.  Jason takes a highly analytical approach to his work, finding ways to leverage data and “market forces” (for lack of a better term) to his advantage.  Smart, funny and humble, this conversation will likely change your perception of the kind of person who essentially gambles for a living…in his own self-deprecating words “a degenerate gambler”.

Jason has many talents and interest, which are revealed as you spend time with him.  One of those areas, which we discuss in some detail, is coffee.  Hear the hilarious story of how he was introduced to the bean back in high school, the secrets to finding the perfect cup of coffee in your town and how he uses caffeine to fuel his parenting and profession.

Are there any tips in this episode for how you can better manage your fantasy team?  Of course there are.  Will they turn you into a professional fantasy sports dad?  That’s your call.

Jason Morton Fantasy

Jason Morton – Husband, Father, Coffee Lover, Professional Fantasy Sports Player