Special Edition Podcast: Stand Up for Women

This podcast is a departure from our usual fun-loving content, but the issue at hand is a very important one. We must protect the women in our lives and stand up for them.
The backdrop is recent allegations that Baylor University failed to properly recognize, support, advocate for, protect and provide justice to several female students who were victims of sexual assault or rape. While that situation is serious and very, very concerning, we believe that there is a much bigger call to action for all of us. Please listen, share your thoughts, and consider the ways that you too can do something. As background, we also recommend reading Chris’s blog on this topic: http://dadsondoody.com/2016/02/327/.

In addition, Stefanie’s blog is an important read for further context: http://musingsofstef.blogspot.com/2016/02/i-was-raped-at-baylor-and-this-is-my_4.html