How Many Times?

How many times do I have to say?
Please put all your stuff away.
Eat over your plate, push in your chair.
Wipe your nose, don’t chew on your hair.
It’s way better to pee before we go.
Spit in the sink, look out below!
The couch is not a jungle gym.
Eating carbs won’t make you thin.
Napkins and your shirt; not one in the same.
Repeating everything is an annoying game.
Stay in bed, put on your shoes.
At times in life you pay your dues.
Get out of bed, we’re running late.
Mom and dad just need a date.
You can use INSERT MEDIA when you finish your work.
Having some rules does not make me a jerk.
Yes, one of these people will sadly be elected.
Your fingers and your nose/mouth/butt should be disconnected.
Please get on your coat and go outside.
When I told you we’d go to Chuck E Cheese’s, I lied.
Stop licking the window, come over here.
Santa works in July, I’ll call him I swear!
Clothes belong in the laundry basket.
I put juice in my vodka so I can mask it.
This list could go on, the demands never end.
Sound like a fun canceller? Maybe I am.
Lastly I’ll leave where I swore I’d not go,
As my parents simply put, “Because I said so!”