Podcast #19: Daddy Daughter Dance – How to Crush It

Ah yes, the annual Daddy Daughter Dance.  Is there a better activity for a dad and his little girl(s)?  Talk about an opportunity to #dothedoody.  We break down the daddy daughter dance with special guest Travis, who joined Will for this year’s edition at Life Time Fitness in Austin, TX.  In addition to being a great dad, Travis is a true Renaissance man; entrepreneur, chef, artist, athlete.  In other words, he has much to offer regarding all things daddy daughter dance.

We cover a range of topics, including selecting the perfect dress, day of preparation (hair, nails, etc.), the always critical before dance dinner, what to do when you get to the dance, and maybe most importantly how the example we set as men in this setting will have a critical impact on the expectations that our daughters have for their future dates and relationships.

Of course, we debrief on what we can do better next year.  We’re about constant improvement around here!  If you are going to a daddy daughter dance anytime soon, take in this show and be guaranteed to crush it.  If you’ve already gone this year, listen to our take and share feedback below on your own best practices and ideas that the Dads on Doody nation should consider.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Travis' daughter showing off her corsage from the Daddy Daughter Dance

Travis’ daughter, Macy, showing off the corsage that Travis made himself…putting Will to shame in the process.