Mother Fluffer!?!?

What a couch looks like after a couch fluffing

A freshly fluffed couch screams, “Come relax on me!!!”

On our podcast and in our writing we talk about “doing the doody” (#‎dothedoody‬). There is no question that the expectations for dads are different in the age in which we live (with the obvious recognition that it is different for moms too).  That said, while dads today are capable of performing most of the traditional tasks that our own fathers ignored (in a nutshell, anything involving a child under the age of 13), are there some tasks that dads today shouldn’t do, or perhaps simply aren’t cut out to do? Case in point, couch fluffing.

I have included a picture of my freshly fluffed couch. I took this picture so that I might have a slim chance of replicating its perfection, pleasing my wife beyond measure in the process. As she says, “Doesn’t its freshly fluffed look make you want to sit on it?” Yes, but most couches seduce me, and any man, like the Sirens did Ulysses.

“Doesn’t its freshly fluffed look make you want to sit on it?”

After years of attempting to execute an acceptable fluffing, this week I received an “acceptable” rating (my best ever!). I try to brush like she brushes, align like she aligns, and most importantly chop the accessory pillows like she chops (the nightly sound of chopping always makes me laugh).

Dads, keep doing the doody the best you can. Stop couch fluffing if a bad fluff is worse than any fluffing at all. Most importantly, don’t be discouraged if you’ll never be a top notch fluffer. Chances are you’re much better at unfluffing the couch than she’ll ever be…and I promise that your kids are the best of all!