Podcast #7: When Men Were Men, and the Giant Woolly Mammoth Roamed the Face of the Earth

Will’s dad joins us in the Dads on Doodio Studio to talk parenting styles, then and now. At times the polar opposite of politically correct, Dr. Reale holds no punches but in the process raises important questions as we consider the effectiveness of modern parenting techniques.  What role, if any, should intimidation play in your parenting style?  Is spanking, or as Dr. Reale calls it the “mano plano”, a viable discipline option?  How should you deal with a tattle tale?  Can modern technology be applied to curfew enforcement?  Is there indeed right and wrong, or is it more gray than that?  It’s never been easy to be a parent.  Listen and see how things have changed, and not changed, over the course of a generation.


The man, the myth, the Doctor!