Podcast #3: Top 5 Pet Countdown

Show friend and vet Dr. Rick sits down to share his thoughts on the top five pets for families. Bearded dragon owners will be pleased!  Dr. Rick has great perspective and rich stories from his life as an animal lover, veterinarian and father.  Chances are you are thinking about a dog or cat.  Which breeds are right for you and your family?  We cover this topic, and also delve into other pet categories that you might not have considered.  Another critical component of selecting a pet that is touched on with each category: How long will it live?  If your child is in high school, a twenty year pet may not be ideal…but there are viable and interesting options.  Listen to this episode and choose your new family pet with confidence.

Dr. Rick, lover of all things pet

Lover of Maine Coon cats, Dr. Rick Lusk.